• I have never had a quality mattress until now! DLX Mattress is located near my hometown

  • I LOVE DLX Mattress! I used to have the WORST time sleeping at night. I couldn't get a good nights rest for the life of me. I tried a DLX mattress and immediately fell in love. I also got some pillows from them with the gel and foam and they are by far the best pillows I have ever had. I have been sleeping so well recently and honestly am just so thankful for this company and their products. Definitely 5 star quality and customer service!

  • The firmness is the wow factor! This mattress is absolutely amazing!!!

  • Bought a mattress and had it shipped to my daughter . I can tell you that her and her husband are EXTREMELY happy.

    It was shipped bed in a box and came to her house via Fed Ex. Easy install , fit into bed frame perfectly. I went to house and lie down in the bed to personally verify how comfortable mattress is . WOW!! I know where I am going to purchase my mattresses from now on.

  • I am so thankful that I was able to find a mattress that is not only durable but comfortable. I went with the medium firmness and it is exactly that!  Not too soft but not too firm.  Not only do I sleep well, I don’t feel stiffness in my back in the morning.  I love the fact it is local and the business is personal to the owners. That means you get quality and they listen to your needs and wants. I hope everyone is as happy as I am with my choice to go DLX! -

  • Obsessed with me new DLX Mattress ❤️

  • Definitely the most comfortable mattress we have ever owned! We were nervous changing from a traditional mattress, but we will never go back. When you move on your side, your partner is not disturbed at all. Having the ability to change layers whenever you want to customize the firmness as well as clean your mattress cover are great features of our DLX Mattress!

  • After researching available mattress options, we decided to work with Jim Pullan, Jr. at DLX Mattress in Jamestown NY. He was able to help us build a custom set of mattresses. I say this because they have a water proof bottom and sides, and have a plush pillow-top that is attached by a zipper. The zipper allows the interior panels to be replaced and reconfigured to our desired firmness. It also makes is easier to clean. Refer to their web site (https://www.dlxmattress.com) to see the available options for the interior foam layers. I’m writing this review to say thank you for a job well done, and that we couldn’t be happier with our new mattresses.

  • I LOVE this mattress. It has been a wonderful purchase decision, the exact right one for me. I sleep better and deeper, I wake up without back pain, and my RA pressure points (hips and shoulders) no longer wake me up with pain.  It hasn't cured all my ills..BUT it has made life a easier for me. 

    Thank you DLX Mattress for my "better night's sleep"! What a wonderful mattress.

  • I cannot say enough about how incredible this Mattress is!!!